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Ryan Chiang
By Ryan

Middlebury College is a top private liberal arts college located in the tiny town of Middlebury, Vermont. Founded in 1800, Middlebury is the oldest college in the beautiful state of Vermont. Fitting for its small town atmosphere, Middlebury enrolls only about 2,500 undergraduate students. Historically, Middlebury is the first American high education institution to grant a bachelor's degree to an African-American and today is best known for being one of the top liberal arts colleges.

Middlebury was tied for #5 in top liberal arts colleges by USNews and World Reports this past year. Due to this renowned status, Middlebury is quite selective: only 15.6% of its Regular Decision applicants were accepted. Middlebury has a relatively small applicant pool of only about 8,000 per year, but because Middlebury only accepts roughly 1,300 of those applicants, it is vital that your essays make you stand out from the other thousands of applicants.

Below are some accepted college essays written by real students accepted by Middlebury. Without further ado, let's jump right in to the essays!

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Middlebury College Essays

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Common App Essay #122

Written by Anonymous Student

Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others.
(650 words max)

As I sat alone in a crowded airport, I felt both excitement and nervousness. I took my laptop and opened it to the Facebook profile of my third cousin [Chris]. I remembered how curious I was the first time I learned about his existence. He seemed just like me. I could not have been more excited, for I was on my way to New Jersey to spend spring break at his parents’ house.

It may seem strange that I was so eager to meet a third cousin, as most Americans have minimal contact with relatives as distant as third cousins. As the child of two Russian immigrants, however, I have grown up in a household where family sticks together at all costs to avoid the feelings of displacement experienced by persons leaving their homeland. Meeting distant relatives meant expanding the family tree, forming new connections, and expanding support networks. Setting down new roots by travelling to New Jersey to meet [Chris] not only felt right but also necessary.

After landing and meeting [Chris] and his mom [Rose], I felt awkward; we had absolutely nothing to discuss. ?Maybe visiting people I have never met was a mistake.

That night [Rose] explained to me that partner dominos was a family tradition dating back 50 years in the Soviet Union. I had never played dominos with a partner. Absolutely stunned, [Rose] cried, “YOU HAVE NEVER PLAYED PARTNER DOMINOS? HOW THE HELL IS YOUR MOTHER RAISING YOU?” The rest of the night we played partner dominos, and let me admit, I was awful. Nevertheless, I experienced a strong sense of belonging and connection to my heritage by taking part in an old family tradition. That game broke the ice and made me realize that we share a cultural and personal connection; starting with that game, I actually felt like we were family members. Unsure of what else my mom had neglected, [Rose] inundated me with an entire rundown of my extended family. I learned that I could travel to almost every continent, knowing there would always be someone to whom I am related. Due to my family’s Russian heritage, I would always be welcome, adept at partner dominos or not.

A week later when I sat waiting for my flight home, I smiled. People whom I had just met, who had their own busy lives to live, took me in and made me feel welcome. At the end of the visit, I felt as if I had known [Chris] and [Rose] my entire life. I had to acknowledge that I had underestimated the need for extended family in my life. Furthermore, as I contemplated the transition from stranger to family member, my mind took me further to comprehend that whether related or not, I would live a more fulfilling life if willing to make vital connections. I consider every person with whom I forge a connection part of my “family” network, regardless of how remote. Though I had thought of “family” as merely a support system, I realized now that it is comprised of the people who, through powerful shared experiences, help one find a place in the world.

When I launch into the next phase of my life, I am hoping to forge relationships with roommates, classmates, and professors. As a global citizen, I am also dedicated to connect with others and help them find a place in this world, just like [Rose] and [Chris] did for me.

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