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Boost your chance of admission by having outstanding admissions essays. We'll help you write essays that work for top colleges.

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Finally, an essay review program that is personalized based on your application, with feedback focused on what actually works for admissions.

  • Even if... you don’t have the highest GPA or SAT/ACT scores
  • Even if... you think you aren’t a good writer
  • Even if... you have no idea whether your essay is good
  • Even if... you’ve thought to yourself “what’s wrong with my essay?”
Ryan Chiang
Meet Your Coach: Ryan Chiang

Hi, I’m Ryan Chiang.

You may know me from my blog at EssaysThatWorked where I’ve shared and analyzed hundreds of accepted college admissions essays over the years.

You may not have known that I also work with students who are applying to highly selective colleges.

Just take a look at this email I got from a past student not too long ago.

Hannah's Email

As you’ll see, I’ve helped hundreds of students craft admissions essays that actually work.

So What's the Secret to Successful Essays?

After years of analyzing college admissions essays for my blog, I finally found what made some essays stand out while most other essays were easily forgettable.

It was one of those “light bulb” moments you see in cartoons.

I realized that:

Most students think the secret to great essays is showing off their accomplishments and personality.

Instead, I’ve discovered that HOW you write is far more important than what you write about.

And most important of all, that having great ideas is 100x more powerful than having a “well-written” essay.

I turned this “light bulb moment” into a program that helped many of my students write essays that worked for Ivy League schools and the most competitive schools in the world.

Stanford Acceptance Letter

Here’s How Our Editing Works

I knew that if this philosophy worked for essays for top schools, it could work for any student’s application essays.

Spoiler alert: it worked GREAT.

And thanks to this tried and true method, all the students I work with end up with essays they are immensely proud of.

Many even get admitted to the most competitive schools around, like Yale:

Yale Acceptance Letter

And Duke:

Duke Acceptance Letter

And UC Berkeley:

UC Berkeley Acceptance Letter

And many more...

As you might expect, these acceptances have quite literally transformed these students and their family’s lives.

I can’t take credit for the hard work that got these students accepted.

But I can confidently say that I helped them have essays that gave them their best shot of acceptance.

See What Our Students Have to Say...

Judy Z.

Judy Z.

University of Pennsylvania

“Without a doubt... the best feedback I received”

What I really found remarkable was that Ryan not only commented and edited the grammatical aspects of my essays, but also made sure to do the same on the stylistic components and general theme of them as well - something that most past editors of my essays have not addressed. I found my essays to be greatly improved within a matter of the minutes it took me to read his comments!

Hannah M.

Hannah M.

Yale University

“Indicated exactly how I could improve my ideas”

Ryan made nearly every kind of edit possible—both broad reactions/advice and notes on small details and style. This balance allowed me to interpret them in the context of the vision I have for my essay without feeling like it’s being rewritten without care for my original ideas and style. I loved the action plan Ryan gave me at the end of each essay.

Emily L.

Emily L.

Whitman College

“I wish I had used EssaysThatWorked sooner”

I thought my essay was great, but the suggestions given by their essay service opened up a new perspective for me. At the end, my essay had better word choices, perfect grammar, and each paragraph flows smoothly. I wish I had used them much earlier.

Marc R.

Marc R.

Washington University in St. Louis

“Would highly recommend for applying to top-tier schools”

Applying to top tier schools, your essays are one of the most vital aspects to your application. I appreciated that my writing and ideas were cohesive and my editor understood that!

Introducing: EssaysThatWorked Editing

Based on your unique profile, I'll edit and review your essays to perfection.

Unlike most other essay editing services, I focus on what actually matters for admissions: having strong ideas.

I'll learn about your situation and application, so I can personalize your feedback to be incredibly effective for the schools you're applying to.

And that's just the start, you'll also get these amazing benefits:

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Knowing your essays are helping boost your application and are well-refined.

Apply with Confidence

Feel proud of your essays knowing you gave them your best shot.

Save Time
Save Hours of Time

Save hours of time otherwise spent doing guess-work by having an knowledgeable editor tell you exactly what to do.

Rapid Turnaround
Rapid Turnaround

Feedback as quickly when you need it. Starting at as soon as 72 hours.

College Opportunities
College Opportunities

Strong application and scholarship essays can open new opportunities. And having more choices is always better.

Editor Approval
Professional Opinion

Get advice on your writing, deep edits, and critical feedback for your essays success.

Essays That Worked in 4 Steps

Don’t let your application be just about your achievements. Great essays are more than that.

We'll help you write essays with powerful ideas, stories, and genuine personality. Impress admissions officers with your "wow" moment and end up with essays your proud of.

Application essays are confusing to get right, and there is a lot at stake. Let me help you achieve success with these four steps:

Step 1
1. Highlight Your Strengths and Personality

Authenticity is key for outstanding essays.

That’s why we learn about each student’s situation and give you the opportunity to ask for specific feedback.

Based on your unique profile and application, we’ll will enhance your essay to showcase your strengths and personality.

Step 2
2. Craft a Powerful Narrative

Using specific word choice, structure, and tone, we’ll help you craft a narrative that grabs the reader’s attention.

Captivating ideas are the key to successful essays. Admissions officers are looking for strong levels of thinking more than anything, and we’ll help you achieve that.

Step 3
3. Deepen Your Topic and Ideas

More important than the quality of your writing is the quality of your ideas. Admissions officers care most about what you have to say.

We’ll help you create more thought-provoking and meaningful essays by providing suggestions for content. Showcase your curiosity by asking interesting and unique questions.

Step 4
4. Edit to Perfection

Effective editing is about more than just grammar and spelling mistakes. We’ll help with content structure, organization, and flow of your essays.

Get suggestions that’ll improve every aspect of your essay, from crafting an attention-grabbing hook to concluding your essay strongly.

Here's Exactly What You’ll Get

Most other essay reviewers focus on proofreading and writing style.

But we focus on creating jaw-dropping, shivers down your spine "wow" moments that will leave a lasting impact on admissions officers.

Make your essays memorable! If you can do that, your application will be remembered too.

Suggestions for Powerful Ideas

Create those "wow" moments that will be remembered by admissions officers. Get suggestions for creating compelling ideas.

Talk Directly With Your Editor

Have questions about your feedback? Just ask your editor. With unlimited email communication and chat for 7-days, you’re never in this alone.

Help Meeting Word Count

Whether you need to add or remove words, your editor can help you meet the word count. Make every word have a purpose to maximize your essay.

100% Error-Free Essays

Get your essays professionally edited and completely free of all grammar mistakes.

Topic and Content Advice

Content is king. Which is why our editing provides feedback focused on your ideas. Get help organizing and structuring your essay.

English as a Second Language

Not from the United States? Our editors will make sure your essays are clearly worded for U.S. admissions, even if English isn’t your first language.

Writing Style and Tone Fixes

Get stylistic suggestions for making your essay flow better. Create compelling and interesting essays that are authentic to you.

Personalized Action Plan

Get a summary of what you need to do, in addition to editor comments and suggestions. We'll be completely honest and tell you exactly what needs to change.

A few more stories from our students...

Fiona W.

Fiona W.

Vanderbilt University

“I had always known there was something wrong...”

I was actually amazed by how good the advises were! I have always known that there was something wrong with my Common App essay, yet I couldn’t identify what it was—Ryan’s comments did just that. Now, I’m certain that my new essay is a better version! Ryan provided me actions I might want to take, rather than just stating what the problem is.

Jada H.

Jada H.

University of Pensylvania (Wharton School)

“From good to great...”

Ryan provided me with ideas which would essentially bring my supplements from good to great. He gave me suggestions as to how I could bring my essays to a competitive level for competitive schools like Columbia, UPenn and Dartmouth. It was great having someone with as much experience (and as much knowledge about me) as an admissions counselor read and critique my essays.

Melinda X.

Melinda X.

Claremont McKenna College

“Pointed out changes... I otherwise wouldn’t have seen”

Ryan’s editing was really amazing and reassuring for me because he was able to point out changes in wording that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen. After reading over the essays so much I really needed someone like him to help point out those changes and some mistakes that I made.

Sumaiya A.

Sumaiya A.

University of Chicago

“I wish I had known of this service sooner...”

Ryan was very specific about which parts of my essays I could improve and how. Although I was initially uncomfortable sending in my essay (as it was about family and hence, very personal), Ryan was very positive and professional about it so I’m really grateful to him for that. I only wish I had known of this service sooner so I could have edited my essays before sending them for the early decision application pool!

Anna M.

Anna M.

Duke University

“Invaluable to me during the college admissions process”

ETW’s feedback definitely eased the pressure to have the perfect tone, grammar and knowledge in my essays when applying to top universities. My essays were always edited and sent back to me with detailed comments within a matter of days!

Feedback Designed To Help Get You Admitted

Based on the lessons of past successful essays, EssaysThatWorked gives you clear, easy steps to improve your application essays so you can apply with confidence.

You’ll get personalized advice and edits for improving your essays most effectively and easily.

If you're applying to top colleges, we'll help you write essays that give you your best chances.

Get new ideas

Make your essays more captivating with deeper ideas and new perspectives.

Improve your writing style

Improve your flow, structure, and tone to be most impactful. Match the writing level admissions officers are looking for.

100% error-free essays

Make sure your grammar, spelling, and word choice are perfect. Don’t let mistakes hurt your application.

Example Edits

Essays That Work for Admissions

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