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Here Are Answers to Your Top Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions that we get.

Who should use EssaysThatWorked?

Any student or parent of a student applying to universities that wants to make their application its best possible is fit for EssaysThatWorked. We can help you write outstanding application essays.

Typically, we work with students in their junior or senior year of high school (also known as secondary school in some places).

The earlier you start your essays, the better.

What makes EssaysThatWorked different from my counselors, teachers, peers, etc.?

EssaysThatWorked Coaching is the only service available where students can get unlimited essay reviews and feedback from a professional editor.

Most other feedback you’ll receive is more than likely surface-level. They may fix your grammar and spelling, but aren’t focused on what actually matters for successful essays.

With EssaysThatWorked, we’re focused on your content and ideas first. Because that’s what makes outstanding essays.

Bottom line? Get unlimited feedback that can help any student write jaw-dropping essays.

How does it work? How will I talk with my editor?

Every new student of our program has a free consultation call to help them get started and learn about your needs.

From there, you’ll have unlimited email and chat communication with your dedicated essay coach, available 7 days a week.

Anytime you need essay feedback, just send your essay to your coach.

Want more face-to-face help? As a member, you can schedule additional consultation calls with your coach for a small fee.

What if I decide it’s not for me?

No problem. You can cancel your membership at anytime and still receive the benefits you’ve paid for.

Your enrollment in EssaysThatWorked Coaching is also protected by a 30-day guarantee. That way, you can try out our program for a full month to see if it’s right for you.

We’re so confident you’ll find the essay coaching useful that if you aren’t satisfied we’ll refund you in full.

How fast are the turnaround and response times?

You’ll always receive feedback within 72 hours of requesting it, and often times much sooner.

This allows ample time for our editors to thoroughly review your essay, while also being quick enough to help you meet your deadlines.

In a crunch? For a small fee, your essay coach can provide expedited feedback within 24 hours.

How are my essays kept private and confidential?

Application essays often are very personal, which is why we take the privacy of our students very seriously.

Your essays are only shared with your editor, and no one else.

Furthermore, when we’re done editing, your essays are deleted and never saved or stored.

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