"Entelechy is a beautiful question. With it, your s..."

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Entelechy is a beautiful question. With it, your soul unfolds, surrendering itself to the infinite jewels of knowledge. Your inquiry creates an interlude in time, an interlude which exposes your core beliefs to adversity. Sometimes you receive a reply to your inquiry. Often in instances like these, your soul feels satisfied. But sometimes, there is no answer. Thus, in an effort to fill the unsettling vacuity within, your spirit adventures on a long and winding journey, tearing through the finitudes and infinitudes of research and discovery. And your spirit, upon reaching your own answer, recognizes the potential within.

Entelechy is an enchanting piece of artwork. In the split second you gaze upon it, you find yourself puzzled; you can’t grasp it’s meaning. The forward rush of life falls flat. But upon further examination, you realize all of it’s fine intricacies: the light, curvilinear brushstrokes, the hint of anachronistic paraphernalia, the subtlety of the monochromatic colors. And then, like a comet pouring through the sky, meanings spill into your mind and suddenly you realize your ability to observe the world past the opaque lens. The artwork is no longer merely paint on a canvas, no, not anymore —it’s entelechy.

Entelechy is loving your education. It’s holding a book close to your heart and feeling an exhilaration. It’s talking to teachers and students and immersing yourself in their knowledge and experiences. It’s letting the pages of that fascinating essay you’ve been reading spill through your fingers like silk. It’s feeling ready to conquer the world.

For Aristotle, entelechy is the vital force which accomplishes self-fulfillment. By always endeavoring to achieve entelechy, I am emerging from my cave of limitations, exploding outward to attain enlightenment, and glowing as strong as the glittering morning sun that emerges behind the mountains.

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