"In an era where cruelty is commonplace and kindnes..."

Emory University

In the age of social media, what does engaging with integrity look like for you?

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(Emory University)

In an era where cruelty is commonplace and kindness is a commodity, there is widespread misuse of social media. It is advantageous in theory but, combined with the nature of our society, it becomes a vehicle for negativity. In my eyes, it should serve as an artistic outlet or means of communication. Engaging with integrity means sharing our lives with others, whether it be to distant relatives or close friends, via one medium. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are valuable websites, yet their true purposes seem to be forgotten. Social media is meant to be used for expression, whether it be artistic or comedic, not for the perpetuation of negativity. It is a useful tool, yet unusable by society. I allow my true persona to shine through my posts because I believe that integrity is synonymous with authenticity and that social media should act as a window rather than a facade.

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