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Zero Tolerance for Plagiarism

At EssaysThatWorked, we publish hundreds of essay examples from real students. Learn about the measures we take to ensure these essays cannot be plagiarized or resubmitted.

At EssaysThatWorked, we publish hundreds of essay examples from real students who have been accepted to top colleges.

This is an invaluable resource for students applying to colleges, but does come with some risks.

One question we get asked is:

How do we ensure that these essays are not plagiarized or resubmitted?

To start, we do not accept essays that are not the original work of the student. We verify the acceptances of each student who has submitted to make sure that all the essays on our site are authentic.

Next, we submit all essays to plagiarism detector databases.

Virtually all colleges and universities use plagiarism detectors to detect plagiarism in the admissions process. By submitting our essays to these databases, it makes it practically impossible for students to plagiarize our essays because it'll be immediately flagged by the software.

Furthermore, students are taking a huge risk by attempting to submit content from our site as their own. It's almost certain that they'll be detected (since they are part of the largest plagiarism databases), but when they are detected they'll face automatic rejection from the college.

Students who do submit plagiarized essays are also at risk of explusion from their current school or college.

All of this deters students from plagiarizing our essays, and makes it practically impossible to get away with.

We're proud to say that we've never had a single reported case of plagiarism from these essays.

We stand by the students who chose to submit their essays to us, and we're proud to help them share their stories.

In the event that one of our essays is plagiarized, the plagiarizer, not the student who published their essays, will be the one who faces repercussions.

If you have any questions about our plagiarism policy, or would like to report a suspected case of plagiarism, please contact us.

by Ryan ChiangUpdated Feb. 1, 2022

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