"There’s a moment in the 2017 film ​The Florida Pro..."

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Which book, character, song, monologue, or piece of work (fiction or non-fiction) seems made for you? Why?

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(Emory University)

There’s a moment in the 2017 film ​The Florida Project ​where our young protagonist, seven-year-old Moonee, stands with a friend in front of a cow pasture. ​See, ​she says triumphantly, gesturing to the grazing animals as if presenting prizes on a game show.​ I took you on a safari. ​Without hesitation, she runs toward the cows, laughing: ​Let’s go.

In Moonee’s world, ordinary cows are majestic creatures, and she wants nothing more than to chase them. She plucks small pleasures from the mundane, turning dilapidated pastures into exotic landscapes. She pursues these things with a rare kind of love: pure, exuberant, fiercely determinate. ​

The Florida Project e ncourages me to chase the small things in my life with immense passion, with a Moonee-esque determination to live breathlessly, unhesitatingly. This film beckons me to run forward to the cows, nudging me into the world as if to say: ​Let’s go.

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