UCLA Acceptance Rate (By Major): Official Common Data Set 2023

by Ryan ChiangUpdated Jun. 23, 2023

UCLA Acceptance Rate

UCLA Admission Results for the Class of 2027

The UCLA acceptance rate in 2023 is a staggering 8.6%, the lowest it has ever been. If you’re considering applying to UCLA, you might ask yourself, “What is UCLA’s acceptance rate?”

UCLA receives more applications than any other college in the country: last year UCLA received 149,815 applications from the Class of 2027.

Acceptance rate or admission rate represents how selective a school is, and UCLA is the most selective public university in the country. In addition to being a university with strong academics, the University of California Los Angeles in the highly-sought after neighborhood of Westwood in Los Angeles. With one of the best film schools and top STEM programs in the West Coast, you can see why UCLA is so popular.

To get into UCLA in 2023, you'll need to shine in every part of your application. From your essays (called the Personal Insight Questions), to your extracurriculars, your GPA, and course rigor, you'll need to be a well-rounded student who excels in all areas.

UCLA Acceptance Rate

UCLA Early Decision Acceptance Rate

UCLA does not offer an early decision nor early action program. All applicants to the University of California are considered in the regular decision round.

UCLA Regular Decision Acceptance Rate

UCLA is part of the University of California system, which includes 9 undergraduate universities. The UC system is unique in that it does not use the Common Application. Instead, the UC system has its own application, which is called the UC Application.

UCLA’s admissions acceptance rate for the graduating high school class of 2023 is 8.6% because it had an 149,815 applicants and admitted only 12,844 students to its class. The University of California Los Angeles' acceptance rate continues to drop each year as the school receives more and more applications. Read amazing essay examples from successful UCLA students who got into UCLA →

UCLA Acceptance Rate by Year (2015-2023)

UCLA Acceptance Rate Graph

Here's a chart of UCLA's acceptance rate over the past 8 years.

And here's a table of UCLA's overall admission and yield rate over the past 8 years. UCLA had a yield of 50.31% this year, and a high yield is a good sign that UCLA is a popular choice amongst admitted students.

Source: UCLA Academic Planning and Budget: Common Data Set 2022-2023

Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

UCLA Acceptance Scattergram

This scattergram shows the GPA and test scores of students who were accepted, rejected, and waitlisted from UCLA. The green dots represent accepted students, while the red represents rejected students.

Note: UCLA no longer uses the SAT or ACT in its admissions process.

UCLA Acceptance Rate by Major 2023

When applying to UCLA, you'll need to select a school within UCLA to apply to. UCLA has 7 undergraduate schools, each with their own application process and acceptance rate.

Does UCLA admit by major?

Yes, UCLA does take into consideration your declared major in the admission process. According to the UCLA Application Review Process, UCLA will consider your major for certain schools within UCLA, such as the Samueli School of Engineering and the School of Nursing. UCLA does not take into consideration your major for the College of Letters and Science, which is the largest school within UCLA.

Source: UCLA Academic Planning and Budget: Admissions Statistics 2022-23

Source: UCLA Application Review Process for Freshmen

As you can see, the UCLA School of Nursing had the lowest acceptance rate of just 0.83%. The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering had the second lowest acceptance rate of 5.51%.

This means, if you want to get into UCLA, you should consider applying to the College of Letters and Science, which had the highest acceptance rate besides the Herb Alpert School of Music.

UCLA Acceptance Statistics and Demographics

The University of California in Los Angeles accepts a diverse class of freshman students each year. The UC Prompts often ask you to write about your background and identity, and UCLA is looking for students who will contribute to the diversity of the campus.

UCLA Student Statistics Class Applying 2022-2023 (Class of 2027)

Note: a Nonresident is a person who is not a citizen or national of the United States and who is in this country on a student visa or temporary basis and does not have the right to remain indefinitely. Does not include DACA, undocumented, or other eligible noncitizens in this category.

Source: UCLA Academic Planning and Budget: Common Data Set 2022-2023

As you can see, UCLA is a diverse campus representing students of all backgrounds and identities. The University of California, Los Angeles' first-year student body in 2023 has a plurality of Asian students, followed by White students, and then Hispanic/Latino students.

UCLA Admission GPA Statistics

The University of California system calculates your UC GPA differently than your high school GPA. Instead of using your high school GPA, the UC application asks you to input all your courses and grades received.

As you can see, the vast majority of students admitted to UCLA have a high GPA. After your GPA, your UC essays are arguably the most important part of your application. Read amazing essay examples from successful UCLA students who got into UCLA →

UCLA Admission Average GPA

I hope this article helped you understand the UCLA acceptance rate. If you want to get into UCLA, you'll need to be a well-rounded student who excels in all areas. From your essays (called the Personal Insight Questions), to your extracurriculars, your GPA, and course rigor, you'll need to shine in every part of your application.

Read amazing essay examples from admitted University of California, Los Angeles students →


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