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We’ll help your student dig deep and discover authentic ideas that make for compelling essays.

Ensure your child writes college essays that help them stand out. Want to know how we can help?

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We work with students applying to selective colleges to write genuine essays that work

Brainstorm Your Best Ideas

Having great essays is all about authentic ideas. What excites you the most? In your life, what areas can be explored for fascinating ideas?

What authentic ideas show the level of your thinking? And how can you best share those ideas with colleges?

Get Feedback That Works

College essays are easy to overcomplicate. But the best essays are just genuine writing about interesting reflections about your experiences.

We'll make writing effective college essays simple, because it should be.

You'll get content-based feedback, not just writing style and meeting word counts.

I thought my essay was great, but the suggestions given by Essays That Worked opened up a new lens for me.
Emily, Student, University of Chicago
You'll work with a dedicated essay specialist to craft outstanding applications

Find Strong Essay Ideas

Every student has a unique perspective with ideas to share. But how do you know which ideas are worthy?

We’ll help you find your most compelling ideas and tell them.

Have Essays That Work

Most students dread college essay writing. But why?

We'll help you find ideas that naturally excite you, so writing won't be a chore.

The truth is: students who write the best essays tend to enjoy writing them, because they're writing out of genuine interest.

Feel Confident When Applying

We want you to write essays that you're proud of.

If you have essays with awesome ideas, you'll feel confident knowing your essays help you stand out.

That's why you’ll meet with your coach and revise your writing until you have essays that make you proud.

Bust these common myths about college essays:

Myth: You should use lots of descriptive storytelling in your essays

Truth: Use some storytelling, but focus on your finding unique ideas and takeaways.

Myth: Your essay topic is what's most important, spend a lot of time choosing the right one before writing.

Truth: Your ideas are what's really important, and virtually any topic can be a good topic. Choose one and start writing and ideas will surface.

Myth: You need to work on showcasing your personality, especially by being quirky and interesting.

Truth: Your personality will come off naturally if you're writing about genuine interests. Your personality is what remains when you don't try to represent a certain image.

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